Mekeni Food launches ‘Breakfestival’


web-img_0466PORAC, Pampanga – “Huwag lang basta mag-almusal, mag ‘Breakfestival’ (Don’t just eat breakfast, have

This is the idea that is now being promoted by Mekeni Food Corp. (MFC) as it launched the unique concept for its product line over the weekend at its factory in Barangay Balubad here with members of the media and bloggers joining the management of the leading food corporation in the breakfast festival (Breakfestival).

During the event, a demonstration was made on the menu by presenting a creative way in cooking Mekeni breakfast products such as garlic longaniza, pork tocino, picnic hot dog, belly bacon with Italian sauce, stir fried chicken tocino, chef’s sausage in béchamel sauce, and even vanilla ice cream with candied bacon bits.

MFC president Prudencio “Pruds” Garcia said it best: “This campaign aims to promote breakfast as the most important meal of the day which is best shared with our loved ones especially our family.”

He added that “the event aims to foster the participation of key opinion leaders, the media and top bloggers in the country as partners to promote the advocacy in building stronger Filipino families through bonding during meals.”

Preceding the program, a plant tour was organized by the MFC management capped by a video presentation.

Why breakfast?

“Breakfast is something about family, not actually about the food but family and Mekeni is a family oriented business,” Garcia explained.

He reminded everyone that his parents, Tatang Felix and Imang Meding, started their family business through patience and sheer diligence as the core of their family values.

Garcia said in Mekeni, an ordinary worker who shares their vision and core values is treated as part of the family.

“One time I asked the sales and marketing manager, when you go outside ano nasa isip mo (what’s in your mind)? Just to earn commissions, sales or what?” Garcia said. “Responsibility to others is also important that is why we value the family. Your co-worker is also part of your family,” he stressed.

“Our business. Our story of Tatang and Ima, is about helping one another and now we are sharing what we can to the community,” Garcia said.

“We always remind the new generation of the mentality of Tatang and Ima because once we forget that, Mekeni will die. The essence of the source of our inspiration is to always have that mentality of Tatang and Ima and to help the community,” he explained.

“Mekeni is not just about food because we want to be reminded of the value of a family. It is something in our family history that makes us stronger,” he concluded.

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