Mekeni’s Thanksgiving Party



A Yearly Celebration and Praise for Employees and key Partners!

Every year the employees of Mekeni Food Corporation are looking forward to the celebration of Thanksgiving Day of the company. This is usually done during early months ( February or March) of the year where the management demonstrates its appreciation and gratitude to all its employees for all the hard work done the previous year. Mekeni gathers all its more than 1000 employees including the service providers in one venue to an evening filled with fun, entertainment and surprises.

Company operation is put to stop to give opportunity to all to be part of the Thanksgiving celebration. The activity starts with the traditional mass to give honor and praise to God who is the silent partner of Mekeni in all its undertakings. After the mass, the party is set rolling with the identified theme for the year. Through this party, employees are given the chance to showcase their talents in singing and dancing with the yearly competition among the departments. Apart from the Mekeni’s talents, the company surprises everyone with the invited showbiz celebrities who provide the entertainment to the delight of all employees. Celebrities who had graced the Thanksgiving Party of the company includes top bands, singers and comedians in the country.

Part of the Thanksgiving Party is the annual awards and recognition program for the Mekeni Employees to acknowledge the outstanding performers of the previous year from the different departments. Awards given include the Best GMP Practitioner, Best Driver, Best Helper, Top Salesman of the Year , and Perfect Attendance. Loyalty award is also given to committed and dedicated employees of Mekeni who had served the company for more than 10 years.

Celebration would not be complete without the many prizes raffled off by the management led by its founder Tatay Felix Garcia and the whole Garcia family.

The Thanksgiving Party is indeed a special day for all Mekeni employees and at the end of each party we see more inspired, energized and motivated employees.

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