Featured Products

  • Native Longanisa

    A dish handed down from generation to generations now has found its way into your kitchen.

  • Cooked Ham

    Made from real pork meat, cooked low and slow for that premium taste you can readily enjoy with bread or rice.

  • Chicken Longanisa

    All chicken lovers will agree, Mekeni Chicken Longanisa gives a new twist to this all-time favorite Kapampangan dish

  • Classic Tocino

    Let the familiar sweet aroma of gently caramelizing pork slices invite your senses to a bright new day.

  • Belly Bacon

    No one can say no to strips of golden, crispy belly bacon. Generous slices with the right balance of fat and meat that is so easy to fry.

  • Sweet Ham

    Mekeni Sweet Ham knows no season giving you that quick ready to enjoy finely cured ham for breakfast.

  • Chicken Tocino

    Made from fresh chicken breast and cured to perfection creating that mouth-watering sweet juicy taste that everyone will definitely love.