• Vision and Mission Statement

    We are a world-class meat processor.

    We shall be the INDUSTRY LEADER in the continued quest for food safety and quality.

    We shall continually strive to provide employment opportunities and contribute to improvement of the quality of life within and beyond our community.

    MEKENI FOOD PRODUCTS shall be common household names and shall be synonymous to:

    Highest standards of Food Quality and Safety;
    Reasonably priced products;
    Excellent customer service, and
    Guaranteed total customer satisfaction

    We shall:
    Undertake research and development towards
    continuous technological advancements and innovation;

    Adopt strategies that will promote product
    awareness and that will improve distribution channels;

    Provide equal employment opportunities and
    advancements to our employees and empower them through
    an integrated human resource development program.

    We shall always be a God-centered, family-oriented organization that values humility, fairness, and honesty.

Aiming to Become World Class

Ten years after reviving the business, Mekeni Food Corporation eventually got a shot in the arm when it secured a loan from the Development Bank of the Philippines. The company was able to develop a property in the heart of Balubad where it put up its modern meat processing plant.


Today, MFC continues to flourish with its multi-million peso, job-creating achievements, not only for its owners, but for the whole community as well. From 14 strong employees in the year 1986, it has now more than 1,500 faithful employees, majority of whom hail from the community.

The company’s industrial unit stands out as a Class “AAA” meat processing plant, one of the few factories north of Manila which was given such merit. Since it began its operation in early 2000s, the plant garnered numerous government awards and recognitions for its adherence to food safety and environmental protection programs.

From a market confined only to Central Luzon, its distribution network has widened, spanning from Northern Luzon to Metro Manila, and down to the Bicol region. Recently, it had established a foothold in the Visayas and Mindanao, and had started penetrating the foreign market.

The accreditation of its established food safety programs, such as the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) by the National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS), its accreditation as a “AAA” Meat Processing plant by the same agency, and the recognition it was given as the Best Meat Processing Plant (National Level) for three consecutive years (CY 2004, CY 2005, CY 2006) are affirmations of MFC’s goal to be a world class.

Grateful, inspired and motivated by these, the company sought for higher levels of standard that would further assure quality and safety of the products it serves its customers.

In 2006, MFC integrated the requirements of the ISO 22000:2005 standard (Food Safety Management System) in its operations. It successfully satisfied the requirements for ISO 22000 certification facilitated by TUV-SUD last September 2006. In the process, it earned the following reputation:

  1. The first ISO 22000 certified Meat Processing Plant in Asia,
  2. The first ISO 22000 certified Food Processing Plant in the Philippines,
  3. The second ISO 22000 certified Meat Processing Plant in the world.

Again, last October 18, 2007, the NMIS awarded MFC the “AAA” Meat Processing Plant Grand Slam Award for having maintained and surpassed its past years’ performance rating on its Food Safety Program.

By all standards, the company has become world-class, a source of pride, not only for Pampanga, but for the entire nation as well. The feat has been attainable through the Garcia family’s long years of hard work, discipline, strong determination, and adherence to strong family values.