Guiltless eating? Indulge in Mekeni GoLite! It is carefully prepared and processed with your health in mind.

Chicken Longanisa

Mekeni GoLite Chicken Longanisa is a healthier longanisa alternative that is made from high-quality real chicken meat so you can enjoy more, guiltless.

Pack Sizes
250g, 500g

Pork Tocino Fatless

Enjoy your tocino guiltlessly with Mekeni GoLite Pork Tocino Fatless that is made from quality pork meat. It is a fatless and healthier tocino with that classic delicious taste you know and love.

Pack Sizes

Hearty Recipes for the Family

Serve #TimplangAtin goodness to your family!
Have your Mekeni family specialties DELIVERED STRAIGHT TO YOUR HOME.
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