The perfect dip for your all-time Pinoy favorite street food. Mekeni Fish Ball Sauce is a flavorful condiment designed to complement the taste and texture of street food like fish balls.

Made from minced fish and carefully seasoned, these bite-sized balls are a tasty treat that will truly bring you home!

Satisfy your cravings for Pinoy street food with Mekeni Kikiam. Made with quality minced fish that will truly bring you home!

This is one of Mekeni's affordable longanisa. Made from poultry meat and packed with the combination of sweet and peppery taste, with a mildly smoked aroma. This is the right & budget-friendly viand!

This is one of Mekeni's affordable longanisa that is known for its sweet, garlicky and peppery taste with a mild smoked flavor. This is the right & budget-friendly viand!

Our Mekeni Suki Choice Sliced Bologna has a sweet, dominant garlic peppery aroma and taste made from poultry meat.

Mekeni Suki Choice Corned Beef has a balanced taste of meaty, salty, and spiced from seasoned shredded beef.

Our Mekeni Specials Chicken Tocino is your chicken tocino alternative and its sweet profile will surely be loved by the whole family.

Our Mekeni Specials Cooked Ham Loaf is prepared with a delightful balance of sweet and savory flavors. Its versatility makes it a perfect complement to any dish.

Our Mekeni Specials Pork Longanisa is made from quality pork and spices. It has a peppery, garlicky, and sweet taste surely making every dining experience special with your family.

Have your Mekeni family specialties DELIVERED STRAIGHT TO YOUR HOME.
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