Mekeni’s Gift-Giving Tradition Continues

October 22, 2021

Last October 22, four Pampanga-based home and shelter were filled with joy when Mekeni employees donated groceries, snacks, and other gift packs to them.

Continuing their annual tradition, Mekeni visited Munting Tahanan ng Nazareth, Duyan ni Maria, Children’s Home of Immaculate Mary, and Bahay Pag-ibig.


Employees from Mekeni led by Marilou Uy, Head of HR and Exports (1st from left), during the gift-giving activity at Munting Tahanan ni Nazareth.


"Sharing and giving hope to others, even in small ways, has long been a valued culture in Mekeni. Every year, our employees voluntarily open their hearts and wallets to raise donations so that we can continue this meaningful tradition of giving. We want to celebrate Christmas by shining light on others and reminding them that there is so much good to look forward to, especially in difficult times like these," said Marilou Uy, Mekeni's head of HR and exports.

Through the employees’ initiative and generosity, Mekeni was able to provide gift packages, health care packages, food items, and groceries to over 200 beneficiaries. The recipients from Children's Home of Immaculate Mary, in return, greeted Mekeni employees with a moving performance.


Mekeni employees arrive at Munting Tahanan ng Nazareth


"We are asked to give back not only to those we love, but more importantly to those who may need a helping hand during these trying times. We all know that even small acts of love and joy can have significant impact on other people's lives. That is why we will continue to engage in events that will inspire and bring a little happiness to our beneficiaries and communities,” added Uy.


Groceries, food items, and sanitary supplies donated by Mekeni employees in Bahay Pag-ibig


Even with COVID-19 restrictions still present, Mekeni continued giving back to these institutions. They did not let the present situation hinder their mission to uplift the spirits of the beneficiaries.

According to Uy, everyone in the community and around the world has suffered as a result of the global pandemic, and Mekeni ought to do something about it. Mekeni believes that by taking this simple initiative and doing something nice for their beneficiaries, they would be able to brighten their day.

“Mekeni will continue to give hope and make efforts to serve in the communities, provide opportunities, and improve the quality of life of those around them especially after the holidays are over,” concluded Uy.

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