New products alert: Filipino-branded meat products land in Qatar

June 26, 2023
Satisfy your cravings with Filipino foods. Mekeni Picnic, Chicken Tocino, and Chicken Longanisa will be available in Asian stores starting in July.

Filipinos in Qatar, a 250,000-strong community, are in for a treat as Mekeni Food Corporation, a multi-awarded food manufacturer based in the Philippines, brings its products to the country.

In the recently concluded Philippine Independence Day celebration at Sheraton Hotel, Westbay Doha last June 23, 2023, Mekeni President Prudencio S. Garcia officially announced that Mekeni’s flagship hotdog brand–Picnic, Chicken Tocino, and Chicken Longanisa will be available in Asian stores across the country starting July this year.

“One of the realizations we had during the height of the pandemic is that we have the capacity to bring the taste of home closer to overseas Filipinos. Exporting has long been in our plans, but the requests and support of Filipinos reaching out to us played a big part in finally fulfilling this plan,” Garcia explained. “Now, they can feel closer to home.”

These new products will use the same formulation as in the Philippines, but the big difference is that these will be produced locally and are thus certified Halal.

However, Mekeni assured that the same level of quality and taste can be expected. “We forged partnerships with local food manufacturers that share the same commitment to food safety and quality to ensure that these products are made with world-class standards and expertise that we espouse. We are thrilled for Filipinos and Qatar locals to try our products,” Garcia said.

Before its export expansion, Mekeni had established itself as a food manufacturer using gold-standard end-to-end processes. It is certified-compliant with the Food Safety System Certification 22000 version 5.1, a standard aligned with Global Food Safety Initiative, and covers adherence to ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management System.

Moreover, it is the first and only heat-treated meat processing plant in the Philippines that passed Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries stringent accreditation.

Mekeni soft-launched its export business as early as 2011 when it closed initial shipping to Dubai. Since then, the goal to expand their reach has been opportunistic. Currently, Mekeni products are available in the US, the UAE, Canada, Australia, Bahrain, Brunei, The Netherlands, and New Zealand.

“We are very pleased and grateful to forge reliable partnerships that help increase Mekeni’s footprint across the globe, and we look forward to bringing more products here and beyond,” concluded Garcia.

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